CTS Project Update

CTS recently completed the initial Hub 2 staff reorganization. Transition teams are now working with some areas to implement planned changes to IT services. You can find a detailed overview on the implementation process and timeline in the attached documents.

Summary updates are below regarding:

  • Staffing Update
  • Transition and Implementation Process
  • Implementation Timeline
  • Next Steps

Staffing Update

Staffing plans were finalized for the last areas, and two new staff positions were recruited to support our branch campuses. The following staff have joined CTS:

Sue Kashinski UWM Libraries
Jim Wagner College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Steven Hunt Graduate School / Office of Research
Eric Dietenberger Lubar School of Business
Keith Kunkel Lubar School of Business
Bill Herrick College of General Studies
Chad Kraus College of General Studies
Mark Petersen Peck School of the Arts
Kurt Meingast School of Architecture and Urban Planning
Nick Orlando School of Continuing Education
Zach Price School of Information Studies
Jim Schultz School of Information Studies

Additional hires are planned to fill in identified gaps in staffing levels and to supplement the support of all areas.

Transition and Implementation Process

The Transition process was designed to make thoughtful improvements with minimal disruption. Beginning with an assessment period and proceeding to phased implementations, CTS will work with its supported areas to ensure that the progressive transition of IT services continues to meet IT support needs. The major services include:

·       Help Desk: Intake/Escalation of all IT support requests

·       Desktop Support: comprehensive support for UWM-owned computers and software

·       Classroom Support: audiovisual and technical support for campus learning environments

·       IT Purchasing: consultation and ordering for all IT hardware, software, and services

Implementation Timeline

From July through October CTS staff to conducted “transition assessments” to determine the details and timing for any changes in IT services, in consultation with the leadership, faculty, and staff of each area. CTS staff have begun to implement transition plans so that areas can receive the IT support services offered by CTS through the “shared services” support model.

Implementation projects are expected to continue from now through Summer 2020. The attached “Transition Phase Process” document provides greater detail on each stage of the process and the associate communication plans. You will also find the tentative timeline for each change project in the “To-Be Schedule”. The planned schedule may change based on unit needs or general conditions.

Next Steps

Stakeholders from each area will be contacted to schedule an implementation kick-off meeting to review transition plans. As always, any changes that will have notable impact on how you receive IT support will be communicated in advance.