Agenda & Presentations

 10:00 amWelcomeTomas A. Lipinski, Dean & Professor
 10:10 am“Digital Humanities Lab Presentation”Ann Hanlon, Head, Digital Collections and Initiatives and DH Lab
 10:20 amKeynote: “Pervasive Data Ethics for Computational Research”Dr. Michael Zimmer, Associate Professor
 10:50 am“Re-Examining Relevance and its Manifestation in Eye Tracking Context: A Comparative Study”Sukwon Lee, PhD Candidate
 11:20 am“Factors that Influence Undergraduates, Information Seeking, Judgment, and Document
Selection on the Internet. Pilot Study”
Musa Dauda Hassan, PhD Candidate
 11:50 am“Online For-Profit Colleges and Universities and the Evolving Role of Academic Librarianship”Bradley J. Wiles,, PhD Student
12:20 pmLunch & Poster Session
“#PhDlife: What is Happening Right Now?”Meghan L. Dowell, PhD  Student
“Analysis of Consumer Health Information Websites: Mayo Clinic and WebMD”Musa Dauda Hassan, PhD Candidate
“Mapping the Prewar Apartment Home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1875-1939”Benjamin P. Teel, MLIS Student
 1:00 pm“The Effects of Blockchain Technology Revolution on Banking”Naome A. Etori, MSIST Student
 1:30 pm“Controlling Queerness: Developing a Controlled Vocabulary for Milwaukee’s Queer Zine Archive Project”Sarah Cooke, MLIS Student
 2:00 pm“Using Google Translate to Compare Word Translation Between Online Translator and
Professor Interpreters”
Sunstar Moukongmeng Vue, PhD Student, Nkauxue Lo, MHI Student
 2:30 pmAwards and Farewell