Agenda & Presentations

 9:00amWelcomeTomas A. Lipinski, Dean
 9:10amKeynote: “Toward a Model of Intercultural Warrant: A Case of Cross-cultural Adaptation of the Dewey Decimal Classification”

This talk reports on dissertation research from a mixed method study that investigated how a globalized knowledge organization (KO) system can be adapted into a culturally different regional environment and what are the impacts of sociocultural factors on the adaptation of the system. As a case that examined the localization of a global classification system, the study investigated the Korean Decimal Classification (KDC), which has served as the Korean national library classification.
Inkyung Choi, Doctoral Candidate
 9:40am“Privacy, Delisting, and Ethics in the Library”Katie Chamberlain Kritikos, Doctoral Candidate
 10:00am“Feminist Epistemologies and Library Classification: A Radical Reorientation”Sarah Cooke, MLIS Student
 10:20am“Difficulties and Challenges of Data Collection in Rural Communities in Nigeria/Africa”Musa Dauda Hassan, Doctoral Candidate
 10:40amBreak & Poster Session
“Identifying Trends in Wikipedia’s Fascism Section Using Revision History Data”Eddie Chapman, MLIS Student
“Health Information Exchange: Policy Issues Affecting Interoperability Across State Lines”Michelle Hamberlin, Doctoral  Student
“Assessing the Implementation of CIPA-Mandated Internet Filtering in Wisconsin Public Libraries”Aubrey Huff, MLIS Student, Emily Bahling, BSIST Student
“Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA): An Analysis of the Discussions about Adult Patron Request to Remove Internet Filters”Sunstar Moukongmeng Vue MLIS/MSIST Student
“Analyzing Services Offered in Milwaukee Public Libraries with Data Science Tools”Sunstar Moukongmeng Vue, MLIS/MSIST Student, Johnny Vang, MLIS/MSIST Student, Benjamin Wilkey, MLIS Student
“Homongology: A Preliminary Research on the Need for Hmong Digital Libraries”Sunstar Moukongmeng Vue, MLIS/MSIST Student, Johnny Vang, MLIS/MSIST Student, Blia Mary Her, MSIST Student
 11:10am“Preserving the Context and Perspectives of the Past”Genevieve Kieffer, MLIS Student
 11:30am“Contributors of Wowhead: A Case Study of User Generated Information in Online Game Communities”Vanessa Marie Schlais, Doctoral Student
11:50am“A Pilot Study in Southeast Asia on How Locals Use Smart Phones to Access Online Markets and Participate in Social Commerce”Sunstar Moukongmeng Vue, MLIS/MSIST Student
 12:15pmAwards and Farewell