On March 31, 2017 the SOIS Research Committee hosted the Annual SOIS Student Research Conference. Students submitted paper and poster proposals based on their research papers, critical literature surveys or designed research projects.

Agenda & Presentations ( .pdf )

Shannon Crawford Barniskis, Doctoral Student
Keynote: “Convivial Making: Power and the Library Faith in Public Library Creative Spaces”

Sukwon Lee, Doctoral Student
“Relevance Judgment and Eye-Tracking Related Studies: A Review of the Literature and a Framework”

Musa D. Hassan, Doctoral Student
“Information Needs, Seeking, and Searching Behavior among African Refugees and Immigrants in the Milwaukee Area”

Karina Renee Hightower, BSIST Student
“Welcome to OKGreenwood.org”

Inkyoung Choi, Doctoral Student
“Map of cross-cultural bibliographic classifications: the adaptation of the DDC into the Korean Decimal Classification”

Treshani Perera, MLIS Student
“Oral History Metadata Synchronizer (OHMS) in Audio-Visual Digital Collections”

Ann Hanlon, Digital Collections and Initiatives and DH Lab
Special Guest: “What Is Research in the Digital Humanities: An Introduction”

Katie Chamberlain Kritikos, Doctoral Student
“Privacy and Cloud Computing in Public Libraries: The Case of BiblioCommons”

Phyllis Reske, MLIS Student
“Working title: Archivist as ‘Legal Eagle’: Examining the Access and Privacy Protocols for Institutional Records”