Doaa Elpery
Automation of libraries in South Valley University in Egypt

Doaa Elpery & SHaban Khalifa
Development to periodicals in libraries of colleges in two Egyptian Universities

Emma Molls
Open Access as Application: A Model for Graduate Courses at SOIS

Jihee Beak
Emotion-centered model of children’s book selection behaviors and metadata

Mary Johnston
Evaluating the search features and design of the visual catalogue VisualDx

Anastasia Hanson
Cloud computing in the library context

Anthony Ferrari
A new age: Social business

Babajide Ajibade
Hidden Dangers of Cloud Computing

Blong Yang
How mobile technology is changing the business world

Curt Klotz
Mobile technology: Asset and hindrance

John Nook
Social business models: The future of corporate social responsibility

Karl Gratke
Virtual desktop infrastructure: Savings with a virtual desktop

Logan Kennelly
Mobile technology: Is mobile technology driving young people to an early grave?

Matthew Her
Mobile Technology: Ipads/Tablets, Gett’em or Get Rid of ‘em

Natalie DeJonghe
To See and Be Seen: Examining differences between patron perception of librarians and librarian self-perception

Nicole May
Discovering Regalos: A case study of Notre Dame Middle School

Elizabeth Goodrich
Documenting the ephemeral: An exploration of the Performing Arts Archive

Emma Molls & Kadie Seitz
A Case Study of Labor Collections at Selected Milwaukee and Madison Area Libraries]

Karen Pundsack
Hennepin County Outreach Services: An Award-winning Service Model Bringing the Library to the Community

Soohyung Joo
How Do Users’ Search Tactic Selections Influence Search Outputs in Exploratory Search Tasks?

Susan Garwood
Technology in the library: A barrier to access for senior users