Suyu Lin, PhD Student
A Comparative Study on Institutional Repository (IR): Comparing the U.S. and Taiwan

Troy Espe, Graduate Student
E-Allies: How Libraries and Newspapers Can Align in the Information Age

Karen Davies, Assistant Prof.
The Skills and Knowledge Required by Health Information Professionals in the USA

Catherine Arnott Smith, Assistant Prof.
Kristin Eschenfelder, Associate Prof. Public Libraries as Financial Literacy Providers

Jihee Beak, PhD Student
Comparison of LC subject headings and LibraryThing tags in GLBTQ YA fiction

Shannon Crawford Barniskis, Graduate Student
Graffiti, Poetry, Dance: How Public Library Art Programs Affect Teens

Nathan R. Johnson, PhD Student
Passing the ACID Test: Rhetorics of Web Standardization

Dalal Albudaiwi, PhD Student
The Impact of the Internet on the Islamic Society: A Discussion of the Ethical Dilemmas

Tom Walker, Associate Prof.
Celsus: A Library Architecture Wiki

Marta L. Magnuson, PhD Student
SOIS Aligning Technology with Learning Objectives: Student use of Glogster to Summarize and Critique Academic Journal Articles

Lucy Kelly, Graduate Student
SOIS Tracking the Effects of Mortgage Foreclosure on Communities in the United States

Toni Streckert, Graduate Student
SLIS Developing Community Partnerships, and Special Collections: A Key to Surviving Hard Times in Public Libraries

Soohyung Joo & Chunsheng Huang, PhD Students
SOIS System Analysis of Digital Libraries: A Practical Manual for Digital Collection Development Projects

Jim Schultz, Undergraduate Student & IT Staff
SOIS To the Cloud! Wait . . . It can’t be THAT easy.

Margaret E I Kipp, Assistant Prof. & Kun Lu, PhD Student
SOIS Retrieval Effectiveness of Tags and Author Keywords

Margaret E I Kipp, Assistant Prof. & Soohyung Joo, PhD Student
SOIS Semantic Structure of Consumer Health Information Web Resources Tagged on

Kristin Eschenfelder, Associate Prof. & Andrew Johnson, Graduate Student
SLIS The Limits of Data Sharing

Kun Lu, PhD Student
SOIS Generate an Author Map Based on Author Vectors

Melissa Adler, PhD Student
SLIS The Social Construction of Sexual Deviance at the Library of Congress

Peter Lor, Visiting Prof.
SOIS Naive empiricism in comparative LIS

Michelle Caswell, PhD Student
SLIS From Egypt with Love, . . . Maybe: Archival Authenticity in the Global Digital Age

Dietmar Wolfram, Interim Dean
SOIS Aspects of Citer Analysis as a Complement to Citation Analysis

Mei Zhang, PhD Student
SLIS Research on License Analysis for e-Journal Perpetual Access

Joyce M. Latham, Assistant Prof.
SOIS Who Runs the Public Library?