Communication student tackles dying’s difficult conversations

Death is a natural part of life, but people are often uncomfortable when it comes time to discuss the idea – especially with someone who is dying. Communication graduate student Mary Dantzler is studying ways to make it easier.

Student’s Russia study abroad reveals people beneath headlines

To really get to know a foreign culture, even one that is currently at odds with America, you really have to get to know the people. “You need to go out and experience it every day, by talking and laughing with people, getting to know what they think,” says UWM student Mackenzie Tubridy.

How do you talk to kids about race? UWM researcher offers advice

Racism remains a problem in America, despite hopes that the country was ready to leave that problem behind and become a “post-racial” society. But parents still are often using post-racial language in talking about race to young children. That, says Erin Winkler, is a mistake.

English alumna at Vanity Fair celebrates first bylines

Vanity Fair magazine is among the top publications in the U.S. Covering pop culture, current affairs, and fashion, the magazine has a circulation of more than 1 million readers. It’s KrisAnne Madaus’ job to ensure every page is perfect.

Journalism student lands internship for a healthy look at CBS

When he arrived in New York City for his internship at CBS News, Luis de Leon had to list his department preferences. He chose the Medical Unit. “I literally got to be the third producer. … It was shocking to me that they trusted me like that right away.”

Renovated gallery provides first-class home for UWM Art Collection

UWM treasure at last has a suitably prominent home. The UWM Art Collection and its steward, the Department of Art History, celebrated the opening of a new exhibition space, the Emile H. Mathis Gallery, with a public opening on Dec. 14.