“We are united as humanists by our drive to ask difficult questions about the boundaries and expression of human existence. Our search to answer those questions creates transformational experiences in our lives and pushes us to become more empathetic members of our communities. In the humanities, we play the long game. We don’t merely train our students to be ready for work. We train our students to be ready for life, and ready for the world.”

Why the Humanities are Cost Effective

One 2017 study found that the fastest-growing jobs in the US in the last 30 years have almost all specifically required a high level of social skills.

Why the Humanities are Good for the Job Market

Research shows that exposure to the humanities is linked to higher empathy and emotional intelligence among trainee doctors. Still, we keep still hearing the same question from parents and even from humanities students themselves: “What can you do with a humanities degree?”

How the Humanities Benefit Society

Through studying the humanities, one has the opportunity to get to know oneself and others better, the opportunity to become better able to understand and grapple with complex moral issues, the complexities and intricacies of humanity.