UWM Spotlight on Excellence: Humanities Matter

In this video, meet four champions of the humanities at UWM. Hear why they’re passionate about what they teach and what their students learn from them.

Love of languages opens the world for UWM linguistics grad

A car crash left Abbey Palmer unable to continue her career as a massage therapist. Casting about for what to do, she decided to pursue her love of languages and linguistics at UWM. And that opened up a world of possibility and adventure.

Digital Archaeology changes exploration of the past

An archaeologist in the Department of Art History at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is exploring the past using the tools of the 21st century.

Derek Counts, professor and chair of art history, and his team are looking at how new tools like iPads and 3D scanners can replace dusty notebooks, sketchpads, pencils and cameras at archaeological sites and museums.

UWM alum revolutionized aging communities nationwide

A consultant on aging, advocacy and public policy, Stephanie Stein (B.A. English `68) is considered by many to be the leader of Milwaukee’s and Wisconsin’s aging community. Recognized nationally as a leader on aging issues, she built the Milwaukee County Department on Aging into an award-winning organization, and was also the main designer of Family Care, a long-term care program that is now emulated from coast to coast.

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