Global Health

The Global Health track is one of five tracks available in the Global Studies Major

This track develops student expertise in the core domains of global health including:

  • Collaborating and partnering
  • Ethical reasoning and professional practice
  • Health equity and social justice
  • Socio-cultural and political awareness

Students following this track will be expected to:

  • Understanding and explain the global burden of disease and injury
  • Identify, measure, and compare patterns of health, disease and injury
  • Analyze the social determinants of health in a global context
  • Demonstrate familiarity with the principles, language, and measurement tools used in global health
  • Discuss the global and historical contexts of health, disease, and health care

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In addition to the Global Studies Core Courses common to all tracks, the Global Health track includes required coursework from the College of Health Sciences, the College of Nursing, and the Zilber School of Public Health. This track affords graduates a range of career options including positions such as international aid workers, global health specialists/ coordinators/officers, educators/outreach coordinators, and project managers, working in industry, consultancy, regulatory agencies, nonprofits, governmental agencies and nongovernmental organizations. Students are also prepared to enter graduate programs in nursing, public health, and other health professions.

Students may enroll in the Global Studies degree program by declaring their major as Global Studies, which is possible after they have earned 56 credits. The simple process includes: (1) reviewing the degree requirements with an advisor, and (2) signing the Declaration of Major Form. Students who intend to pursue a Global Studies degree are strongly advised to declare before earning 75 credits.

Curriculum Sheet