The Global Communications track focuses on technology, media, communications, information science and technology transfer and their intersection with language, culture, and identify. Students build technical competencies along with a broader understanding of technology’s impact on human lives. This track prepares students for careers in fields such as marketing, international business, advertising, information technology, new media, and translation.

Students who complete 21 or more of their elective credits in information sciences will have their Global Studies degree jointly awarded by the College of Letters & Science and the College of Community Engagement & Professions.

If you are interested in this track and are an enrolled UWM student, use the button to start the declaration of major process. Students are strongly encouraged to declare before earning 75 credits.

Major Requirements

To earn the Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies, students in all tracks must complete 120 credits, including a minimum of 36 credits in upper-division courses (numbered 300 or above), while fulfilling the requirements below. GPAs of at least 2.000 overall and 2.500 in the selected track are required for graduation. Students also are responsible for completing the University-wide General Education Requirements.

Beyond the University-wide General Education requirements, students must also complete an additional 6 credits of Humanities GER courses and an additional 6 credits of Social Science GER courses, some of which are required or elective courses in the major.

Global Studies Core
GLOBAL 101Introduction to Global Studies I: People and Politics (SS)3
GLOBAL 201Introduction to Global Studies II: Economics and the Environment (SS)3
GLOBAL 202Introduction to Global Studies III: Globalization and Technology (SS)3
Global Studies Capstone 1
GLOBAL 550Global Studies Integrated Capstone:3
World Regions
Select one of the following:3
GEOG 110
The World: Peoples and Regions (SS)
HIST 132
World History Since 1500 (HU)
Politics of the World's Nations (SS)
Foreign Language
Six semesters (or equivalent) of a single foreign language with passing grades
International Experience
Students will be required to complete 2 of the options below:
Option 1: 3-9 credits of study abroad
Option 2: 1-6 credits of an international internship
Option 3: 1-6 credits of a domestic internship with a global organization or clear international focus
Total International Experience Credits12
Select one of the following tracks:
Global Communications
Global Health
Global Management
Global Security
Global Sustainability
Total Credits27

GLOBAL 550 is required for all tracks except Global Management, which has a separate capstone experience.

Global Communications Track

To earn the Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies through the Global Communications track, students must complete the following requirements.

Global Communications Track Core
ECON 103Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON 104Principles of Macroeconomics3
GLOBAL 351Language, Media, and Social Practice in Global Communications3
GLOBAL 451Access, Security, and Intercultural Contexts in Global Communications3
Select two of the following:6
Introduction to Information Technology Management
Public Speaking
Business and Professional Communication
Business Writing 1
Technical Writing 1
Writing in the Professions: (with appropriate subtitle) 1
Topics in Advanced Communications: (with appropriate subtitle) 1
Rhetoric and Professional Writing 1
Technical Documentation 1
Internship in the Humanities 1
JAMS 201
Media Writing 1
Introduction to Information Science and Technology
Introduction to Network and Systems Administration
Global Communications Track Electives
Select 27 credits (see below)27
Total Credits45

At least one writing course must be selected.

Global Communications Electives

Students must complete 27 credits from the following lists of courses, with a minimum of 15 credits taken from List A. There is no minimum number of credits that must be selected from Lists B-E. Electives from Lists C-E should be courses about the country or region in which the student will pursue language study and/or study abroad. Any individual course may count only once toward degree requirements. Students in this track who are awarded their degree by L&S only must complete at least 36 credits in L&S upper-division (numbered 300 or above) courses.

List A

(A minimum of 15 credits must be completed from the following):

AMLLC 216Survey of Civilization: (with appropriate subtitle)3
ANTHRO 349Seminar in Ethnography and Cultural Processes3
ANTHRO/LINGUIS 570Issues in Bilingualism3
ART 227Design Workshop: (with appropriate subtitle)3
ART 327Digital Media Workshop: (with appropriate subtitle)3
ART 309Issues in Contemporary Art:3
BUS ADM 230Introduction to Information Technology Management (if not selected above)4
BUS ADM 335Introduction to Business Application Development3
BUS ADM 360Principles of Marketing3
BUS ADM 465International Marketing3
BUS ADM 467Marketing Seminar: (with appropriate subtitle)3
BUS ADM 495Special Topics in Business: (with appropriate subtitle)1-3
BUS ADM 496International Business3
BUS ADM 530Privacy and Information Security for Business3
BUS ADM 532Web Development for Open Business Systems3
BUS ADM 533Introduction to Connected Systems for Business3
CHINESE 441Business Chinese3
COMMUN 192First-Year Seminar: ("The Digital Mirror" subtitle)3
COMMUN 313Human Communication and Technology3
COMMUN 350Intercultural Communication3
COMMUN 370Quantitative Research in Communication3
COMMUN 402Gender and Communication3
COMMUN 410Organizational Communication Technology3
COMMUN 413Rhetoric and the Internet3
COMMUN 450Cross-Cultural Communication3
COMMUN 550International and Global Communication3
COMMUN 655Cultural Training and Adjustment3
COMMUN 665Introduction to Mediation3
DANCE 122African Dance & Diaspora Technique I2-3
DANCE 370World Movement Traditions:2-3
ENGLISH 214Writing in the Professions: (with appropriate subtitle) (if not selected above)3
ENGLISH 431Topics in Advanced Communications: (with appropriate subtitle) (if not selected above)3
ENGLISH 435Rhetoric and Professional Writing (if not selected above)3
ENGLISH 436Technical Documentation (if not selected above)3
ENGLISH 437Project Management for Professional Writers3
ENGLISH 439Information Design3
ENGLISH 449Internship in the Humanities (if not selected above)1-4
FILM 203Media Workshop: (with appropriate subtitle)3
FILM 222Digital Filmmaking3
FILM 255Introduction to Digital Arts3
GEOG 215Introduction to Geographic Information Science3
GERMAN 425Introduction to German Translation3
GERMAN 474German for Professional Purposes3
GLOBAL 311Contexts for Global Management3
GLOBAL 541Cross-Cultural Management3
ITALIAN 313Translation: Italian-English, English-Italian3
JAMS 101Introduction to Mass Media3
JAMS 201Media Writing (if not selected above)3
JAMS 204News Writing3
JAMS 207Introduction to Advertising and Public Relations3
JAMS 231Publication Design3
JAMS 232Photojournalism3
JAMS 262Principles of Media Studies3
JAMS 307Persuasive Media Writing and Production:3
JAMS 320News Reporting3
JAMS 336Media Graphics3
JAMS 524Advertising and Public Relations Campaigns3
JAMS 562Media Studies and Culture3
INFOST 110Introduction to Information Science and Technology (if not selected above)3
INFOST 120Information Technology Ethics3
INFOST 240Web Design I3
INFOST 310Human Factors in Information Seeking and Use3
INFOST 330Electronic Information Retrieval Systems3
INFOST 340Introduction to Systems Analysis3
INFOST 410Database Information Retrieval Systems3
INFOST 430Multimedia Application Development3
INFOST 440Web Application Development3
LINGUIS 420Introduction to Second Language Acquisition3
LINGUIS 430Language and Society3
LINGUIS 441Introduction to TESOL Methods3
LINGUIS 510Methodologies in English Language Teaching3
PEACEST 203Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies3
RUSSIAN 419Introduction to Translation: Russian to English3
SOCIOL 327Data, Technology, and Society3
SPANISH 348Introduction to Translation: English to Spanish3
TRNSLTN 201Introduction to Translation and Interpreting Studies3
TRNSLTN 400Consecutive Interpreting3
TRNSLTN 411Ethics in Translation and Interpreting3
TRNSLTN 422Simultaneous Interpreting3
TRNSLTN 450Community Interpreting and Translation3
List B

Topical Electives:

ANTHRO 441Nature, Knowledge, and Technoscience in Anthropological Perspective3
ANTHRO 543Cross-Cultural Study of Religion3
ART 118Digital Arts: Culture, Theory, Practice3
ART 3173D Environments and XR3
ARTHIST/ENGLISH/FILMSTD 111Entertainment Arts: Film, Television, and the Internet3
BUS ADM 330Organizations3
BUS ADM 436Systems Analysis and Design3
COMPLIT 350Topics in Comparative Literature: (with appropriate subtitle)3
COMPLIT 365Literatures and Cultures of the Americas: (with appropriate subtitle)3
COMPLIT 461Film-Fiction Interaction: (with appropriate subtitle)3
COMPSCI 112Introduction to the Internet and the World Wide Web3
COMPSCI 113Introduction to Web Document Production3
COMPSCI 251Intermediate Computer Programming3
ENGLISH/ARTHIST/FILMSTD 111Entertainment Arts: Film, Television, and the Internet3
ENGLISH 192First-Year Seminar: (with appropriate subtitle)3
ENGLISH 210Global Englishes3
ENGLISH 253Science Fiction: (with appropriate subtitle)3
ENGLISH 290Introduction to Film Studies3
ENGLISH 291Introduction to Television Studies3
ENGLISH 316World Cinema: (with appropriate subtitle)3
ENGLISH 320Studies in Film and Television Authorship: (with appropriate subtitle)3
ENGLISH 394Theories of Digital Culture: (with appropriate subtitle)3
ENGLISH 404Language, Power, and Identity3
ENGLISH 434Editing and Publishing3
ENGLISH 465Women Writers: (with appropriate subtitle)3
ENGLISH 627Seminar in Literature and Culture: (with appropriate subtitle)3
ENGLISH 630Seminar in Literature and the Other Arts: (with appropriate subtitle)3
FILM 116Listening and Recording3
FILM 201Introduction to Experimental Media Arts3
FILMSTD/ARTHIST/ENGLISH 111Entertainment Arts: Film, Television, and the Internet3
HIST 372Topics in Global History: (with appropriate subtitle)3
INFOST 150Introduction to Information Resources on the Internet3
INFOST 210Information Resources for Research3
INFOST 250Introduction to Network and Systems Administration3
INFOST 691Special Topics in Information Science: (with appropriate subtitle)3
INTLST 550Senior Seminar in International Studies: (with appropriate subtitle)3
JAPAN 331Reading Japanese Short Stories3
JAMS 111Gender and the Media3
JAMS 113Internet Culture3
JAMS 116Journalism, Documentary, and Democracy3
JAMS 280Selected Topics in Mass Communication: (with appropriate subtitle)3
JAMS 450Race and Ethnicity in the Media3
JAMS 460History of Mass Media3
JAMS 559Freedom of Expression in the Digital Age3
JAMS 614Seminar in Media and Public Opinion3
JAMS 615Seminar in Media and Politics3
JAMS 620Seminar in Global Media3
LINGUIS 100The Diversity of Human Language3
LINGUIS 210Power of Words3
LINGUIS 350Introduction to Linguistics3
LINGUIS 468Language in its Various Forms: (with appropriate subtitle )3
MUSIC 327Studio Techniques3
MUSIC 328Interactive Electronic Music3
SPANISH 341Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics3
List C

Area Studies Electives:

AFRIC 232Survey of African Societies and Cultures3
AFRIC 311African Religious Thought and Social Organizations3
AFRIC 320Black Cultures in Latin America and the Caribbean3
AFRIC 450Cultural Transmissions: Black Africa and Black America3
ANTHRO 320Peoples and Cultures of Africa3
ANTHRO 322Europe in Anthropological Perspective3
ANTHRO 325Japanese Culture and Society3
ANTHRO 326Peoples and Cultures of South Asia3
ARABIC 390Islam: Religion and Culture3
HIST 282The Modern Middle East in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries3
HIST 378Revolution in China3
HIST 392The History of Southern Africa3
HIST 393History of Mexico3
HIST 395History of Japan Since 16003
JEWISH 328The Arab-Israeli Conflict3
JEWISH 358The Jews of Modern Europe: History and Culture3
JEWISH 379Introduction to Jewish History3
List D

Foreign Language Electives - Up to 6 credits beyond those taken to meet the foreign language requirement of upper-division courses (300 level or fifth semester and above) on contemporary culture or literature in a foreign language may count as electives for this track, provided that the language of instruction is not English. The following are recommended; however, see language program listings in this catalog for a complete list:

CHINESE 320Contemporary Chinese Societies through Film3
FRENCH 324Contemporary French Language and Culture3
FRENCH 426Growing Up French3
FRENCH 427Advanced Written Expression3
FRENCH 431Seminar in Literature of the Francophone World: (with appropriate subtitle)3
FRENCH 432Seminar in French and Francophone Cultures: (with appropriate subtitle)1-3
FRENCH 450Institutions and Culture of Contemporary France3
FRENCH 592Seminar in French Language: (with appropriate subtitle)3
GERMAN 145Views of Germany:3
GERMAN 331German Grammar in Practice3
GERMAN 332Presentation and Composition3
GERMAN 333Texts and Contexts3
GERMAN 334Introduction to German Studies3
GERMAN 360German for the Global World3
GERMAN 415Topics in German Studies: (with appropriate subtitle)3
GERMAN 474German for Professional Purposes3
GERMAN 489Internship in German, Upper Division1-6
ITALIAN 312Contemporary Italian Language and Culture3
PORTUGS 360Luso-Brazilian Culture: (with appropriate subtitle)3
SPANISH 470Survey of Hispanic Literature and Civilization3
SPANISH 472Survey of Spanish-American Literature and Civilization3
SPANISH 474Survey of Spanish Literature and Civilization3
SPANISH 491Topics in Hispanic Culture:3
List E

Literature-in-Translation – Credits in 100-level courses may be elected only prior to the student's study abroad:

COMPLIT 208Global Literature from the 17th Century to the Present: (subtitle)3
COMPLIT 230Literature and Society: (with appropriate subtitle)3
COMPLIT 233Literature and Film: (with appropriate subtitle)3
COMPLIT 360Seminar in Literature and Cultural Experience: (with appropriate subtitle)3
COMPLIT 365Literatures and Cultures of the Americas: (subtitle)3
COMPLIT 457Topics in French and Francophone Studies in Translation: (subtitle)3
FRENCH 145Views of France: (subtitle)3
FRENCH 357Literature of the French-Speaking World in Translation: (subtitle)3
FRENCH 451Cinema of the French-Speaking World: (with appropriate subtitle)3
GERMAN 112German Life and Civilization: Part II:3
ITALIAN 145Views of Italy: (with appropriate subtitle)3
ITALIAN 245Italy and Its Global Fictions: (with appropriate subtitle)3
ITALIAN 258Contemporary Italian Society and Culture3
ITALIAN 329Italian Cinema3
ITALIAN 357Topics in Italian Culture in Translation: (with appropriate subtitle)3
ITALIAN 457Topics in Italian Literature and Culture in Translation: (with appropriate subtitle)3
JAPAN 200Japanese Culture and Its Effect on Language3
POLISH 236Polish Culture in its Historical Setting3
PORTUGS 225Understanding Brazil: (with appropriate subtitle)3
RUSSIAN 245Russian Life and Culture3
RUSSIAN 350Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy in Translation: Major Works3
RUSSIAN 391Russian Literature and Culture in Translation:3
SPANISH 225Understanding the Hispanic World:3

Prospective Students (not yet enrolled at UWM)

Prospective students, contact our admissions counselor at or 414-229-7711.

Current Students

General questions such as how to declare, how to change a major, general education requirements, etc. should be directed to the College advising office at or 414-229-4654.

Specific questions about Global Studies, such as research opportunities, internship opportunities, major requirements, etc., should be directed to Christine Wolf.