The Global Management track focuses on the impact of globalization on business and the world economy and prepares students for future management roles capable of:

  • analyzing transnational issues,
  • strategizing within a global, cross-cultural context,
  • and implementing projects with a strong understanding of globalization’s implications for the private and the public sectors.

This track will prepare students to assume leadership roles in many areas, but it will be especially advantageous in international business, consulting, education, government, and policy making. In addition, graduates of this track will meet all the foundation course requirements for admission to the UWM MBA program.

If you are interested in this track and are an enrolled UWM student, use the button to start the declaration of major process. Students are strongly encouraged to declare before earning 75 credits.

Major Requirements

To earn the Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies, students in all tracks must complete 120 credits, including a minimum of 36 credits in upper-division courses (numbered 300 or above), while fulfilling the requirements below. GPAs of at least 2.000 overall and 2.500 in the selected track are required for graduation. Students also are responsible for completing the University-wide General Education Requirements.

Beyond the University-wide General Education requirements, students must also complete an additional 6 credits of Humanities GER courses and an additional 6 credits of Social Science GER courses, some of which are required or elective courses in the major.

Global Studies Core
GLOBAL 101Introduction to Global Studies I: People and Politics (SS)3
GLOBAL 201Introduction to Global Studies II: Economics and the Environment (SS)3
GLOBAL 202Introduction to Global Studies III: Globalization and Technology (SS)3
Global Studies Capstone 1
GLOBAL 550Global Studies Integrated Capstone:3
World Regions
Select one of the following:3
GEOG 110
The World: Peoples and Regions (SS)
HIST 132
World History Since 1500 (HU)
Politics of the World's Nations (SS)
Foreign Language
Six semesters (or equivalent) of a single foreign language with passing grades
International Experience
Students will be required to complete 2 of the options below:
Option 1: 3-9 credits of study abroad
Option 2: 1-6 credits of an international internship
Option 3: 1-6 credits of a domestic internship with a global organization or clear international focus
Total International Experience Credits12
Select one of the following tracks:
Global Communications
Global Health
Global Management
Global Security
Global Sustainability
Total Credits27

GLOBAL 550 is required for all tracks except Global Management, which has a separate capstone experience.

Global Management Track

To earn the Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies through the Global Management track, students must fulfill the following requirements:

Global Management Track Core
BUS ADM 201Introduction to Financial Accounting4
BUS ADM 210Statistical Modeling in Business Analytics4
BUS ADM 230Introduction to Information Technology Management4
BUS ADM 330Organizations3
BUS ADM 350Principles of Finance3
BUS ADM 360Principles of Marketing3
BUS ADM 465International Marketing3
BUS ADM 496International Business (capstone)3
ECON 103Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON 104Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON 351Introduction to International Economic Relations3
ENGLISH 205Business Writing3
GLOBAL 541Cross-Cultural Management3
MATH 211Survey in Calculus and Analytic Geometry I4
or MATH 208 Quantitative Models for Business
BUS ADM 535Global Information Technology Management3
or GLOBAL 311 Contexts for Global Management
Select one of the following:3
Intercultural Communication
Cross-Cultural Communication
International and Global Communication
Global Management Track Electives
Select 9 credits (see below)9
Total Credits61

Global Management Electives

BUS ADM 441Diversity in Organizations3
BUS ADM 456International Financial Management3
BUS ADM 467Marketing Seminar: (with International Topic Only)3
BUS ADM 495Special Topics in Business: (with International Topic Only)3
BUS ADM 535Global Information Technology Management (if not selected above)3
COMMUN 350Intercultural Communication (if not selected above)3
COMMUN 450Cross-Cultural Communication (if not selected above)3
COMMUN 365Negotiation Skills Workshop3
COMMUN 550International and Global Communication (if not selected above)3
COMMUN 665Introduction to Mediation3
ECON 325Money and Banking3
ECON 353Economic Development3
ECON 447Labor Economics3
ECON 454International Trade3
GERMAN 360German for the Global World3
GERMAN 474German for Professional Purposes3
GLOBAL 311Contexts for Global Management (if not selected above)3
GLOBAL 451Access, Security, and Intercultural Contexts in Global Communications3
JAMS 461Media Ethics3
POL SCI 316International Law3
POL SCI 330The Politics of International Economic Relations3
POL SCI 339European Integration3
POL SCI 343Asian International Relations3
POL SCI 346U.S.-Latin American Relations3

Prospective Students (not yet enrolled at UWM)

Prospective students, contact our admissions counselor at or 414-229-7711.

Current Students

General questions such as how to declare, how to change a major, general education requirements, etc. should be directed to the College advising office at or 414-229-4654.

Specific questions about Global Studies, such as research opportunities, internship opportunities, major requirements, etc., should be directed to Christine Wolf.