Associate Degree

The Associate of Arts and Sciences (AAS) degree recognizes the completion of a two-year liberal arts program. A strong foundation for many bachelor’s degree programs, the AAS degree also shows employers that you have developed critical-thinking and effective communication skills, which are vitally needed in today’s workplace.

The AAS program allows you to explore courses related to your intended major while completing the general education classes required for most bachelor’s degrees. Many universities consider students with an AAS degree to have satisfied their general education requirements.

Degree Requirements

AAS degree-seeking students must complete a minimum of 60 degree credits, have a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade-point average, and meet the core competencies in writing and mathematics. A distribution of credits demonstrating a breadth of knowledge is also required. The breadth categories are defined as follows:

Fall 2021 and later

  • Fine Arts and Humanities
  • Mathematical and Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Applied Scholarship

Fall 2019-Summer 2021

  • Fine Arts and Humanities
  • Mathematical and Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Application and Performance
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Interdisciplinary Studies

Plan to apply for the AAS degree at least one semester prior to your final semester. See the academic catalog for more information on the AAS degree.

FLEX: UW Flexible Option

Students complete competency based assessments in place of the traditional course structure to show mastery of a subject. Learn more about this kind of competency-based, self-paced learning option at

Collaborative AAS Degree

This 100% online collaborative degree builds your educational foundation and gives you a broad liberal arts background whether you’re seeking a full degree, need to complete a prerequisite course, or take individual courses to supplement your studies and complete your degree in less time. This Associate of Arts and Sciences degree program is a partnership of UW campuses.

For questions or more information, contact Margaret Hankenson, Academic Director for the Collaborative AAS Degree.

Pre-Nursing Track

nursing at waukesha

Students can now complete a four-year nursing degree almost entirely at our Waukesha campus. The program will provide Waukesha and surrounding communities access to the only four-year nursing program at a public university within a 60-mile radius. Students from both the Washington County and Waukesha campuses will have access to active learning spaces, clinical simulation, and clinical placements in Washington and Waukesha counties.

The UWM College of Nursing curriculum is divided into two parts: pre-nursing and professional major

Pre-nursing students take beginning coursework at UW-Milwaukee, UWM at Washington County, UWM at Waukesha, or through our consortial partner UW-Parkside. Students need to complete the following to apply to the professional nursing major: 

  • English & Math Competencies
  • Prerequisite nursing courses (listed here)

When admitted to the professional nursing major, students engage in a curriculum that prepares professional nurses to respond to health care needs and population health issues. Upon graduation, students are ready to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) to earn licensure as a registered nurse. Read about the professional nursing major offered at our campuses here.

UWM at Waukesha Admissions staff and Advisors are ready to meet with you to help you learn more about applying to the professional nursing major. 

UWM College of Nursing at Waukesha
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