When you enroll in the UWM College of General Studies, you’ll begin working toward an Associate of Arts and Sciences (AAS) degree, which recognizes the completion of a two-year liberal arts program. This two-year degree serves as a strong foundation for any student who wishes to go on to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree at UW-Milwaukee’s main campus or at another UW System campus.

One benefit of the AAS program is that it allows you to explore courses related to your interests or intended major while completing the general education classes required for most bachelor’s degrees. Many universities consider students with an AAS degree to have satisfied their general education requirements.

We offer both in-person and online courses that align with your passions and goals, so whether you’re a new freshman or a returning adult, you’ll find courses that work with your busy schedule.

Start planning your future by checking out the schedule of classes offered at our Waukesha and Washington County campuses. Or explore the whole UWM catalog.

Nontraditional students who are interested in strengthening their professional skill sets or exploring their passions are invited to visit Continuing Education for information about professional development, personal enrichment and youth classes and programs.

Transferring to a Four-Year College

Some of our students take the valuable two-year degree they receive at either of the two-year campuses and transfer to a four-year institution to earn a bachelor’s degree. Typically, our students transfer to UW-Milwaukee or another UW System school. If you decide to declare a major and transfer to a four-year university, your academic advisor can walk you through the process for a seamless transition to the next chapter of your academic career.

If transferring to a four-year college is in your plans, reach out to your academic advisor to learn more and get information that fits your specific goals.