The UWM College of General Studies is the place to PROSPER. Let us help!

Prosper is an academic success program for students who place into MAT 092 and ENG 098. The Prosper staff partners with students, both individually and in academic support classes, to build and strengthen the foundational skills needed for academic success.

math student at the whiteboard

What is the Prosper Program?

Prosper provides an academic support network for a student’s first semester in college. Students who place into MAT 092 and ENG 098 are encouraged to register for Prosper classes at New Student Orientation. If students enroll in the required courses, they are agreeing to participate in the Prosper program. The program requires students to enroll in a first-year seminar and in supplemental math and English classes. Students also meet with a math specialist and writing specialist once a week on an every-other-week rotation.

Why should I join Prosper?

Transitioning from high school to college can be a challenge for any student. Prosper students recognize the importance of having partners by their side to help them succeed. In Prosper, students receive professional tutoring at no cost. In addition, having weekly class sessions and meeting with specialists creates accountability, improves time management, provides additional instruction, and builds community among the students and staff. At CGS, no student has to get through college alone. With Prosper, your support system is built right into your schedule.