Jerry Kaster

Jerry Kaster

  • Professor Emeritus, School of Freshwater Sciences


    • PhD, Biology, University of Colorado, 1978
    • MS, Natural Resources, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, 1976
    • BS, Biology, Winona State University, Minnesota, 1972
    • AS, Business, Austin Community College, 1968

Research Interests

      • Investigation of biological patterns, especially the historical role of megaleaps in seeding fast lane evolution in the invertebrates
      • The effect of environmental perturbations on invertebrate community function
      • Invertebrate-mediated processes at the water-sediment interface
      • The study of rise and collapse of biological hierarchies and their transitional interface exchanges as major determinants of sustainability

Recent and Selected Publications

Kaster,J.L., Groff, C.M., Klump, J.V., Rupp, D.L., Hansen, A., Barbour, S., Hall, L., 2018. Evaluation of Lower Green Bay benthic fauna with emphasis on re-ecesis of Hexagenia mayfly nymphs, J. Great Lakes Res. DOI: 10.1016/j.jglr.2018.06.006

Klump, J.V., Brunner, S.L., Grunert, B.K., Kaster, J.L., Weckerly, K.A., Houghton, E.W., Kennedy, J.A., Valenta, T., 2018. Evidence of persistent, recurring summertime hypoxia in Green Bay, Lake Michigan, J. Great Lakes Res.

Klump. J.V., Bratton, J., Fermanich, K., Forsythe, P., Harris, H.J., Howe, R.W., Kaster, J.L. 2018. Green Bay, Lake Michigan: A proving ground for Great Lakes restoration. J. Great Lakes Res.

Groff, C. and J. Kaster. 2017. Survival, Growth, and Production of Hexagenia bilineata Mayflies in Fluidized Sediment from Lower Green Bay, Lake Michigan. Journal of Great Lakes Research.

Héctor A. Hernández-Arana, Alejandro Vega-Zepeda, Miguel A. Ruíz-Zárate, Luisa I. Falcón-Álvarez, Haydée López-Adame, Jorge Herrera-Silveira y Jerry Kaster. 2015. Transverse coastal corridor: from freshwater lakes to coral reefs ecosystems. In: Biodiversity and Conservation of the Yucatán Peninsula, Eds: Islebe, G.A., Calmé, S., León-Cortés, J.L., Schmook, B. Springer International Publishing Switzerland. 2015. 401 p. [book chapter]