Dong Fang Deng

Dong Fang Deng

  • Professor, School of Freshwater Sciences


  • PhD, Nutrition, University of California-Davis
  • MS, Animal Science, University of California-Davis
  • MS, Aquaculture Nutrition, Zhongshan (Sun Yet-Sen) University
  • BS, Zoology, Zhongshan (Sun Yet-Sen) University

Research Interests

Aquaculture is one of the fast growing industries for food production. The rapid expansion of intensive aquaculture has raised concerns about the increasing use of fish meals/oils and resulted in aquaculture being a net consumer rather than a producer of food production. Feed cost usually accounts for 40-60% of fish farming expenses. To increase fish farming profitability, we need to establish cost-effective feed formulations and feeding strategies, which allow to grow fish in a sustainable way. To address this issue, we need to answer some basic questions related to aquatic feed: What is the nutrient requirements for a targeted species? What are the potential alternatives for replacing fishmeal or fish oil? How can we improve not only the growth but also the fish health and their tolerance to different environmental conditions, through nutritional strategies?

Research in my lab integrates both traditional feeding trials and cutting edge techniques to study:

  1. Nutrient Requirement: Determine the nutrients requirement of fish at different life stages and cultured in different systems such as aquaponic, flow through water or recirculating aquaculture systems. Current focus is mainly but not limited to tilapia, Pacific white shrimp and the species of fish cultured in the Great Lake Regions such as yellow perch and lake sturgeon. In addition, we are interested in determining an optimum nutrient requirement/feeding rate using a variety of statistics/modeling approaches.
  2. Alternative Ingredients: Investigate substitutes of fish meal and fish oil aquatic feed production. Alternative ingredients include but not limited to byproducts or co-products from, biofuel, agriculture, fisheries, and food processing industries. Currently we study the potential applications of brewery waste grains, byproduct from food processing, microalgae, and black soldier fly as feed ingredients.
  3. Stress Response: Study interaction among the nutritional status of fish, microbiome characterization and tolerance of fish in response to environmental stressors. We apply approaches, which integrate biomarkers from gene expression, molecular and biochemical responses to a whole organism, to investigate underlying mechanisms that different species of fish use to handle diverse environmental stressors.

Our goal is to develop optimal feed and feeding management to support the sustainability of aquaculture industry.

Recent and Selected Publications

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