This track addresses issues related to the efficient generation, transfer, conversion and use of thermal/electrical energy. Electrical engineering students will focus on problems related to the design of future power devices and systems and mechanical engineering students on designing thermal systems that deliver or consume electrical energy in a reliable and economical manner.

Every student in this track will also need to consider various approaches to reducing environmental impacts, e.g. planning for renewable energy sources.

Requirements and Coursework

Admission requirements are consistent with the MS engineering program of the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Students in the track are encouraged to undertake the thesis option. This option requires students to write MS theses with at least six thesis credits and take at least twenty-one credits of the following courses including three credits of the new 700 graduate seminar in ethics, writing, and communication.

For the non-thesis option, students are required to take at least thirty credits of the following courses including one credit of the new 700 graduate seminar in ethics, writing, and communication. Students under non-thesis option must undergo comprehensive examination before graduation. To enroll in any course in the concentration, the student must meet the prerequisites or receive the consent of the instructor.

Available courses for the energy concentration

Intermediate Control Systems EE/ME574
Advanced Linear System Analysis EE/ME701
Nonlinear Control Systems EE/ME718
Optimal Control Theory EE/ME816
Adaptive Control Theory EE/ME819
Electric Power Systems EE471
Power Electronics EE572
Analysis of Electric Machines And Motor Drives EE575
Advanced Synchronous Machinery EE781
Computer Analysis of Electric Power Systems EE872
Advanced Power Electronics EE-890
Introduction to Control for Renewable Engineering Systems EE890/ME890
Fundamentals of Fluid Flow ME 721
Advanced Fluid Mechanics ME 722
Internal Combustion Engines ME432
Air Conditioning System Design ME434
Power Plant Theory and Design ME435
Solar Engineering ME436
Intro to Wind energy ME490/EE890
Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics ME702
Principles of Combustion ME703
Advanced Transport Processes ME710
Thermal Radiation and Conduction ME711
Convection Heat and Mass Transfer ME712
Energy Transport in Microscale Systems ME714
Two-Phase Flow ME716
Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer ME723
Fluid Power and Turbomachinery ME725
Automotive Power Systems New Course
Renewable Energy Systems New Course