Welcome to the application process for the American Sign Language/English Interpreting Program at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. This process is designed to ensure that students have the foundational skill set to be successful in the program. The components of this process will evaluate your eligibility, along with your level of proficiency in both English and American Sign Language.

  1. Meet with your academic advisor

    Review your academic plan with your advisor and discuss your eligibility to apply for admission to the professional program sequence.

    (Last names A – L) – Tyree Bolden, boldentc@uwm.edu
    (Last names M – Z) – Nikki Claas, nclaas@uwm.edu

  2. Submit a Criminal Background Check (CBC)

    The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) requires that all applicants to an educator preparation program pass a Criminal Background Check (CBC) prior to admission. If you have a current CBC on file with UWM (must be valid through at least fall 2023), you do not need to complete an additional CBC for admission. If your CBC is expired or if you have never had a CBC through UWM you will need to complete a CBC for admission.

    Note: The CBC can take up to 30 days for processing. You cannot be admitted or enroll in professional education courses until your CBC has cleared.

    Criminal Background Check Requirements

  3. Prepare Statement of Interest video

    Video Guidelines

    • Introduce yourself and describe your experience with ASL and the Deaf Community.
    • Explain why you want to become an ASL/English Interpreter-highlight your strengths, how you have prepared for this program and overall, explain why you should be selected for the program.
    • Videos must be recorded in American Sign Language.
    • Video Time Limit: 3 minutes.
  4. Complete application form below