The Niho Fund Supports Department Research

The Department continues to greatly benefit from the Niho Research Excellence Fund.  Established by Professor Emeritus Yoshio Niho, and supported by many friends and alums, it promotes Departmental research. Again this year, Covid-19 disrupted many conferences and planned research trips but the support was still greatly appreciated!  A heartfelt thanks to Yoshio and the many contributors to the Fund!

Kevin Thom – This year I obtained tenure and the Niho Fund continued to be a big support.  Together with grant funds I used the allocation to purchase the type of high-powered computer necessary for the increasing computational complexity of my research.

Jangsu Yoon – The Niho Fund allowed me to employ a research assistant over the summer.  This allowed me to explore new research: “Promotion in the Executive Labor Market.”  The RA did a great job arranging and merging complicated datasets allowing me to make more progress than I would alone.  The Fund is a great resource for junior faculty like me!

Itziar Lazkano – My workhorse computer needed replacing. The Niho Fund together with Departmental funds came through to provide what was needed.  I am now set for several years and thank the Fund!

Matt McGinty – Submitting to major economics journals is increasingly expensive.  The Niho Fund covered my submission fees to several leading journals this year.  This allowed me not to worry about the price and to orient my research to the professional outlets in which it belongs.

Scott Drewianka – The Niho Fund kept me in the research game this year.  I updated my econometric software allowing me access to new routines needed for my work.  I replaced my old and failing desktop at the office.  I renewed a membership in an economics research association in which I regularly participate.  A great infusion at just the right time.