The Niho Fund Provides Valuable Support in a Difficult Year

The Department greatly benefits from the Niho Faculty Excellence Fund.  Established by Professor Emeritus Yoshio Niho, and supported by many friends and alums, it promotes research during a time when university funds are scarce.  Covid-19 disrupted many conferences and planned research trips this year but the Fund helped faculty adapt!

Itziar Lazkano – It has been a strange year.  The Niho Fund helped me adapt with new hardware and software.  This provides me superior co-working with colleagues on research and improved my presentations from home.  It has been a life-saver!

Jangsu Yoon – My conferences were cancelled this year but I was able to use the fund for hardware and software that keeps me in better touch with my co-authors and also helps with remote teaching. I cherish the fund and use it well for my research.  Three of my working papers now reference support from the Yoshio Niho Research Fund.

Vivian Lei – I used a portion of the funding to make an important journal submission.  As travel became out of the question, I decided to save the remainder to the fall when I will conduct more rounds of an experiment with my graduate student. That study, “The Effectiveness of Financial Literacy Education,” benefited from previous support and simply could not be done without the Niho Fund.

Matthew McGinty – I was scheduled to present at an international conference in April and had reserved the funding to pay expenses.  Unfortunately, the conference was cancelled because of COVID.  I hope to be traveling for research in the spring of 2021 and hope to use the funding to help defer those expenses.  The support is great.

Kevin Thom – I used the funding to help pay the housing expenses of an international researcher who came to Milwaukee to work with me.  It provided a valuable experience and our joint work will continue because of it.

Help the Fund do its great work with a contribution!