The Niho Excellence Fund Supports Research

The Department greatly benefits from the Niho Research Excellence Fund.  Established and generously funded by Professor Emeritus Yoshio Niho, it promotes Departmental research. It allows research expenditures and trips that would otherwise be impossible. We deeply thank Yoshio and all who have contributed. Here’s what happened last year.

Scott Adams – The Niho Fund allowed me to purchase research assistance. This supported our PhD students and helped me pursue my research on the effect of Medicaid expansion on inequality.  The research support was appreciated.

Itziar Lazkano – This year the Niho Fund sponsored my participation in the Midwest Economic Association Conference.  This is the first in-person conference I’ve attended since COVID and was a wonderful opportunity to present my work and network with fellow scholars.  The Fund also allowed me to retain membership in my academic association, a great help in keeping current.

Kevin Thom – The Niho Fund permitted a co-author to visit Wisconsin which was great.  It also permitted me to reconfigure the computer connections in my Bolton Hall office to be much more efficient.  Thanks for the research support. 

Jangsu Yoon – I employed a research assistant for the second consecutive summer. The project, “Promotion in the Executive Labor Market,” is now in the estimation and early writing stage. The RA arranged and merged data sets, helped with estimation and has been a valuable contributor.  Thank you to the Niho Fund!

We would love to have your support of the Yoshio Niho Excellence Fund (#4626) as we work to raise the research profile of the department. Give here.