Antu Murshid

Associate Professor
 Bolton Hall 880


PhD, Rutgers University
MS, London School of Economics
BA, University of London

Research Interests

International Finance

Selected Publications

Bose, N., Murshid, A. P., & Rath, C. (2014). Finance and Property Rights: Exploring other Directions. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 46(2-3), 503-517.
Hohtadi, H., & Murshid, A. P. (2009, June). Risk of catastrophic terrorism: an extreme value approach. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 24(4), 537-559.
Bose, N., Capasso, S., & Murshid, A. P. (2008, June). Threshold Effects of Corruption: Theory and Evidence. World Development, 36(7), 1173-1191.
Bose, N., & Murshid, A. P. (2008, February). Mitigating the Growth-Effects of Inflation through Financial Development. The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, 8(1), 1935-1690.
Economidou, C., & Murshid, A. P. (2008). Testing the Linkages between Trade and Productivity Growth in a Panel of OECD Countries. Review of Development Economics,, 12(4), 845-860.
Bordo, M., & Murshid, A. P. (2006, June). Globalization and changing patterns in the international transmission of shocks in financial markets. Journal of International Money and Finance, 25(4), 655-674.
Mody, A., & Murshid, A. P. (2005). Growing up with capital flows. Journal of International Economics, 65(1), 249-266.
Mishra, D., Mody, A., & Murshid, A. P., eds. (2001). Private Capital Flows and Growth. Fiance & Development, 38(2), 2-5.