Hamid Mohtadi

 Bolton Hall 876



PhD, University of Michigan
MS, Columbia University
BS, Miami University

Research Interests

Institutions & Public Policy, Risk, Growth, Development & International Economics, Financial Economics

Current Research

Resource Curse, Taxation and Institutions, Corruption and Trade Protection, Risk and Adversary Behavior, Risk and Finance

Selected Publications

For a full list of recent/all publications see CV.

Mohtadi, H. & Weber, B.S. (Forthcoming) Catastrophe and Rational Policy: Case of National Security. Economic Inquiry .

Jarrett, U., Mohaddes, K., & Mohtadi, H. (2019). Oil price volatility, financial institutions and economic growth. ENERGY POLICY, 126, 131-144.
Mohtadi, H., Ross, M. L., Jarrett, U., & Ruediger, S. (2019, April (2nd Quarter/Spring)). Kleptocracy and Tax Evasion under Resource Abundance. Economics and Politics, 31(3), 323-373.
Mohtadi, H., & Murshid, A. P. (2009, August). The Risk of Catastrophic Terrorism: An Extreme Value Approach. Pesaran, M. H. (Ed.). Journal of Applied Econometrics, 24(4), 537-559.
Mohtadi, H., & Roe, T. L. (2003). Democracy, rent seeking, public spending and growth. Journal of Public Economics, 87(3-4), 445-466.
Mohtadi, H., & (1996). Environment, Growth & Optimal Policy Design. Journal of Public Economics, 63, 119-140.
Mohtadi, H., & (1992). Labor Specialization and Endogenous Growth. Kim, S. (Ed.). American Economic Review, 82, 404-408.
Bahmani-Oskoee, M., Mohtadi, H., Shabsigh, G., & (1991). Exports, Growth and Causality in LDCs: A Reexamination. Journal of Development Economics, 36, 405-415.