Vivian Lei

Associate Professor
 Bolton Hall 838



PhD, Economics, Purdue University
MA, Economics, Michigan State University
BA, Economics, National Taipei University

Research Interests

Macroeconomics, Experimental Economics, Behavioral Finance

Current Projects

“Voluntary Separation as a Discipline Device for Long-Term Cooperation: Theory and Experiment” with Filip Vesely and Chun-lei Yang.
“Debt Relief in the Presence of Multiple Creditors: An Experimental Study,” with Steven Tucker and Filip Vesely.

Selected Publications

Lei, V., Masclet, D., & Vesely, F. (2014, December). Competition vs. Communication: An Experimental Study on Restoring Trust. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 108, 94-107.
Deng, P., Gong, B., & Lei, V. (2013, November). Before and After: The Impact of a Real Bubble Crash on Investors’ Trading Behavior in the Lab. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 95(1), 186-196.
Chan, K. S., Lei, V., & Vesely, F. (2013). Differentiated Assets: An Experimental Study on Bubbles. Economic Inquiry, 51(3), 1731-1749.
Lei, V., & Vesely, F. (2010). In-Group vs. Out-Group Trust: The Impact of Income Inequality. Southern Economic Journal, 76(4), 1049-1063.
Lei, V., Tucker, S., & Vesely, F. (2010). Forgive or Buy Back: An Experimental Study of Debt Relief. Review of Economic Design, 14(3-4), 291-309.
Lei, V., & Noussair, C. N. (2007). Equilibrium Selection in an Experimental Macroeconomy. Southern Economic Journal, 74(2), 448-482.
Lei, V., & Noussair, C. N. (2002, June). An Experimental Test of an Optimal Growth Model. American Economic Review, 92(3), 549-570.
Lei, V., Noussair, C. N., & Plott, C. R. (2001, July (3rd Quarter/Summer)). Non-Speculative Bubbles in Experimental Asset Markets: Lack of Common Knowledge of Rationality vs. Actual Irrationality. Econometrica, 69(4), 831-859.