Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee

Wilmeth Professor and UWM Distinguished Professor
 Bolton Hall 802B

Director, Center for Research on International Economics:
Editor, Journal of Economic Studies:


PhD, Michigan State University
MA, Michigan State University
BA, National University of Iran

Research Interests

International Finance, Open Economy Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics

Current Projects

Asymmetric Effects of Exchange Rate Changes & The J-Curve; Black Market Exchange Rate; Demand for Money; Currency Substitution

Selected Publications

Bahmani-Oskoee, M., & Aftab, M. (2019). “Malaysia-Japan Commodity Trade and Asymmetric Effects of Exchange Rate Changes”,. Frontiers of Economics in China, 14, 220-263.
Bahmani-Oskoee, M., Rahman, M., & Kashem, A. (2019). “Bangladesh’s Trade Partners and the J-Curve: An Asymmetry Analysis”,. Macroeconomics and Finance in Emerging Economies, 12, 174-189.
Bahmani-Oskoee, M., & Fariditavana, H. (2016). “Nonlinear ARDL Approach and the J-Curve Phenomenon. Open Economies Review, 27, 51-70.
Bahmani-Oskoee, M., Chang, T., & Ranjbar, O. (2016). Asymmetric Causality using Frequency Domain and Time-Frequency Domain (Wavelet) Approaches”. Economic Modelling, 56, 66-78.
Bahmani-Oskoee, M., & Hosny, A. (2015). The Exchange Rate Disconnect Puzzle Revisite. Kishor, N. K. (Ed.). International Journal of Finance and Economics, Vol. 20, 126-137.
Bahmani-Oskoee, M., & Hegerty, S. (2009). “Purchasing Power Parity in Less-Developed and Transition Economies: A Review Article. Journal of Economic Surveys, 23, 617-658.
Bahmani-Oskoee, M., & Nasir, A. (2002). Corruption, Law and Order, Bureaucracy and Real Exchange Rate. Economic Development and Cultural Change, 50(4), 397-404.
Bahmani-Oskoee, M. (1986). Determinants of International Trade Flows: Case of Developing Countries. Journal of Development Economics, 20(1), 107-123.