EyeOTmonitor and CSI Partner to Drive Industrial IoT Forward

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Connected Systems Institute (CSI), a leader in industrial IoT (IIoT) research, in partnership with EyeOTmonitor, a pioneering SaaS network visualization platform, announces a strategic collaboration aimed at enhancing IIoT integration, monitoring and analysis. This partnership is set to showcase the potential of digital twin technology within industrial settings, leveraging EyeOTmonitor’s state-of-the-art platform.

EyeOTmonitor network and device monitoring

This initiative will use EyeOTmonitor’s topology and geospatial mapping capabilities to provide comprehensive real-time-monitoring, management, and visualization of a diverse range of network devices, including routers, switches, firewalls, PLCs, cameras, etc. from various vendors, within the CSI lab’s environment. This allows CSI to monitor in real time activity and performance metrics of their manufacturing test bed, digital twin, industrial data center, and their private 5G wireless network, saving time in managing the devices and troubleshooting any network issues. This also allows faculty and students from the College of Engineering & Applied Science (CEAS) and the Lubar College of Business to perform research and test use cases related to predictive maintenance, cyber security, remote monitoring, and others.

Kirill Sokolinsky, COO/CPO of EyeOTmonitor, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration: “Partnering with the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin’s CSI represents a significant milestone in our journey to redefine IIoT monitoring practices. Our platform’s flexibility in managing a broad spectrum of network devices highlights the critical role of real-time data in enhancing industrial network efficiency, performance, and security.”

The CSI team is not only excited to use this software to manage the multitude of devices located at CSI, but also to share this capability with our members, faculty, and students through potential research, use cases, or student projects. CSI’s Executive Director Joe Hamann commented, “The use of smart and connected devices in manufacturing is expected to accelerate over the next five years and, with its unique array of connected devices, CSI represents an ideal proving ground for EyeOTmonitor’s network monitoring innovations.  CSI’s partnership with EyeOTmonitor will create opportunities to share the operational impact that secure device access and control have on IT / OT efficiencies.  This knowledge of path to operational impact aligns well with CSI’s efforts to enable an industry ecosystem that is informed to leverage Industry 4.0 technologies to solve real business challenges.”

Avi Shaked, CEO of EyeOTmonitor, is an alum of UWM’s College of Engineering & Applied Science. Avi and his wife, Babs Waldman, MD, have supported scholarships at both the college and the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center in the past.

The partnership not only demonstrates EyeOTmonitor’s commitment to advancing IIoT but also emphasizes its adaptability across different sectors, including smart cities and transportation. EyeOTmonitor aids in managing complex networks, catering to the specific needs of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Systems Integrators (SIs), ensuring optimal performance across various industries.

About the Connected Systems Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

CSI Testbed

Advanced manufacturing testbed at CSI

Launched in 2017, CSI’s mission is to enable the manufacturing workforce of the future and accelerate economic development through education, technology transfer, and Industry X.0 & AI knowledge leadership.​ A robust educational platform includes individual and custom courses as well as degree programs offered through the College of Engineering & Applied Science and Lubar College of Business. CSI offers a range of technologies that create an end-to-end solution for a SMART Manufacturing Facility and allow for industry informed use-cases that span the manufacturing value chain and accelerate the path to business impact​. To learn more or to get involved contact Joe Hamann, Executive Director at jahamann@uwm.edu.

About EyeOTmonitor

Established in 2017, EyeOTmonitor leads in IIoT innovation, offering comprehensive solutions for network device management and visualization. Beyond industrial applications, EyeOTmonitor excels in supporting smart cities, leveraging topological and geospatial mapping to visualize routers, switches, firewalls, cameras, and other city assets. The platform’s robust capabilities extend to monitoring the geolocation of transportation fleets, including buses and trains, alongside critical assets like onboard cameras, facilitating enhanced security and operational efficiency for urban environments and transportation customers.