Reflections From Women in Different Phases of Their Careers

This panel features 4 speakers, each in different phases of their career. Nile Pierre, recently graduated with a degree in political economy, new to her consulting position at Accenture, transitioning from university into work life. Lacy Pierre, an asset management... Read More

Advanced Manufacturing: Harnessing Data to Lead Transformation

In this session, we’ll highlight industry and research developments around data in advancing materials development and the manufacturing processes. Speakers will address Wisconsin’s agenda for manufacturing and industry expectations for manufacturing in the future. Featuring Keynote Speaker, CSI Executive Director Mary Bunzel Mary Bunzel... Read More

How to Market Yourself: A Discussion on Personal Branding

A positive discussion on how to make the kind of impression you want. Members of our senior leadership group will all participate in this session. Senior leaders from companies such as Rockwell, Intel, Cummins, Eli Lilly, Jacobs Engineering, Fortinet, Honda... Read More

Other Worldism: Handling the Challenges of Living in Two Worlds

Immigration isn’t always about moving countries. The same feelings of risk and isolation also ixist for those who are making different career choices or experiencing different levels of success than others in their social circles. What are these challenges? How... Read More