The Bostrom Center for Business Competitiveness, Innovation and Entrepreneurship is connected to activities that build an entrepreneurial mindset among Lubar students. At the Lubar College of Business, students gain insights and experiences — both inside and outside of the classroom – that encourage entrepreneurial thinking and action.

This competition is structured in successive phases to help you fully develop your business idea into a comprehensive business plan that’s ready to present to a judging panel and potentially earn real cash prizes.
New Venture Competition Details
A seed capital competition for Lubar students who have a solid business plan in place and are ready to launch their venture and take their idea to market.
Scheinfeld Competition Details
Connecting Lubar student interns with active entrepreneurs who not only provide them with insights into their businesses, but let them “roll up their sleeves” on real-world projects 
Entrepreneur Internship Program Details
Providing Lubar College students and members of the business community with the opportunity to hear first-hand about the personal journeys of leading entrepreneurs.
Goetz Lecture Details
An undergraduate certificate program to create the next generation of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial thinkers.
Program Details
A graduate certificate program to help advance careers and business ideas through a focus on innovation and new venture creation.
Program Details