Lubar Student says Hank Aaron ‘Changed my Life’

Hank Aaron left an incredible legacy on and off the baseball field. One of his many off-the-field contributions is benefiting a UWM senior, Hawa Brema. For the past four years, Brema’s academic studies at UWM have been funded through gifts… Read More

Can We Make Mentoring Extraordinary?

Belle Rose Ragins, Sheldon B. Lubar Professor of Management, recently discussed the significant role that mentoring can play for both individuals and organizations with host Michelle McQuaid of the Making Positive Psychology Work Podcast. Ragins is a leading expert in… Read More

Delta Sigma Pi Xi Chi Chapter Recognized for Excellence

Delta Sigma Pi’s Xi Chi chapter at the Lubar School of Business won three awards this fall from the national office: a provincial award for Most Improved Collegiate Chapter, and regional awards for Outstanding Alumni Relations and Outstanding Scholastic Development…. Read More

From Tokyo to Texas via UWM

It all started with a test that his dad made him take. That’s how Ryota (Ricky) Sakamoto’s (’99) journey from Japan to Wisconsin to Illinois to Japan to Russia to Japan to Texas began.  With one test. In the early… Read More

Lubar 25 Class of 2019-20

A new program recognizes “stand-out” undergraduate students in the Lubar School of Business for their accomplishments in academics, entrepreneurship, leadership, or campus/community service. “Lubar 25 is a great vehicle for us to showcase the exceptional students that we have here… Read More

Kudos! December 2020

The Lubar School of Business recognizes the following faculty and staff for their recent honors: Huimin Zhao, Professor of Information Technology Management and Church Mutual Insurance Faculty Scholar in ITM, was named Associate Editor of the Year for Information Systems… Read More

The Wall and the Bridge: Toward Mass Flourishing

While much of today’s economic debate revolves around pursuing a laissez faire, free market approach versus a more socialist, welfare state approach, economist Dr. Glenn Hubbard thinks the debate should be reframed. Hubbard, Dean Emeritus and the Russell L. Carson… Read More