Faculty Kudos, February 2024

Joan Shapiro Beigh

Dr. Joan Shapiro Beigh, Teaching Professor of Organizations & Strategic Management, has been selected for the 2024-25 Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars program sponsored by the Universities of Wisconsin Office of Professional and Instructional Development. The program provides a unique opportunity for collaboration with other exceptional teachers from various disciplines across the Universities of Wisconsin.

Shapiro Beigh also recently received two grants from the Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute (NMDSI), a partnership between Northwestern Mutual, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Marquette University that contributes to the formation of a technology ecosystem and advances southeastern Wisconsin as a national hub for technology.

The first grant was awarded from NMDSI’s Pioneer Collaborative Curricula Program, and will support the development of a new seminar course on “Data Analytics, AI, and Innovation.” Seminar students will perform critical analyses of business problems and organizations, as well as complex problems such as pressing issues related to pro-social, environmental, and business-related issues that matter to students today. The creativity and innovation components of the course will serve as the catalyst to engage students from the liberal arts and other creative, non-STEM disciplines.

Shapiro Beigh was also awarded a Student Research Scholar Grant from NMDSI to support a student research project she is supervising designed to help students understand how AI technologies like ChatGPT are reshaping and challenging traditional practices across multiple sectors. Lubar Business Scholars and seniors Maximilian Hartounian and Collin Jacobi are reviewing existing research and will soon be interviewing Milwaukee business leaders. The working title of their project is “How AI Technologies are Reshaping and Challenging Traditional Business Practices in Milwaukee.” The grant will support Maxx, Collin, and Joan in presenting the study’s findings at the MBAA International Conference in Chicago this coming April. 

Congratulations, Joan!