Most businesses are affected in some way by international influences, such as currency issues, outsourcing, transportation, or distribution networks. If you are interested in overseas markets and the global economy, adding the International Business Certificate to your major can provide a great springboard for your career.

This 15-credit certificate is open to all business and non-business majors.

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Whatever you’re studying – whether it be accounting, finance, marketing, supply chain, or something else – having an understanding of economic, political, and cultural differences will give you new perspectives that you’ll bring with you to make you a more “globally savvy” employee.

Pair your interest in other countries and cultures with this 15-credit certificate to gain a global perspective about issues businesses face in an increasingly interconnected world.

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International Business Certificate (15 credits)

Required courses (9 credits):

BUS ADM 456 International Financial Management
BUS ADM 465 International Marketing
BUS ADM 496 International Business

Students choose at least two courses from the following
(6 credits):

BUS ADM 467 Marketing Seminar – International topics only
BUS ADM 494 International Business Internship
BUS ADM 495 Special Topics in Business – International topics only
BUS ADM 497 Study Abroad – International Topics
BUS ADM 498 Study Abroad: Business Topics
BUS ADM 535 Global Information Technology Management
BUS ADM 541 Cross-Cultural Management
BUS ADM 551 International Investments
ECON 351 Introduction to International Economic Relations
ECON 454 International Trade
POL SCI 316 International Law
POL SCI 330 The Politics of International Economic Relations
POL SCI 339 European Integration
POL SCI 343 Asian International Relations
POL SCI 346 US-Latin American Relations
GLOBAL 311 Contexts for Global Management

Non-business students completing the certificate will need to complete additional coursework:

ECON 103 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 104 Principles of Macroeconomics
BUS ADM 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting
BUS ADM 210 Introduction to Management Statistics
BUS ADM 330 Organizations
BUS ADM 350 Principles of Finance
BUS ADM 360 Principles of Marketing

The most up-to-date requirements and course descriptions can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog. Program Checklists and 4-Year Plans can be found on the Undergraduate Student Services MyLubar Resources page.

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