GER Courses, minors and more

Pursue creativity and your degree with Peck School GER courses

The Peck School’s artist faculty teach dozens of courses each semester that help UWM students develop skills for life and earn GER credit. Learn to dance like everyone’s watching, design digitally, take great photos, sing with confidence or speak with conviction.

Developing new competencies while working toward your degree offers mind-body benefits, as well. Scientific studies indicate that creative activities can help our bodies and our brains do their best work:

  • Regulating stress
  • Improving memory and cognition
  • Boosting our body’s immune response

From Beginning Ceramics to Salsa Merengue and American Popular Music to Digital Cinema and the Computer, there’s a GER course in the Peck School for every UWM undergrad. Which one will you choose?

Spring 2022 Arts GERs  Enrolling in Classes

Arts courses and minors for PSOA majors

Students currently enrolled as majors in a Peck School of the Arts department are encouraged to explore an arts minor or certificate in another department in our interdisciplinary school. Contact your Peck School of the Arts advisor for more details

Arts Elective Courses

Minors in the arts

For questions, or to declare a minor/certificate, please complete the PSOA advising office contact form.




  • Film, Video, Animation & New Genres (minor)