Osei-Mensah Aborampah

Professor Emeritus


PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Research Interests

Traditional and modern cultures of Africa; Black America and the Caribbean African; African-American and Afro-Caribbean family and demographic patterns; Women and development in Africa.

Teaching Interests

Survey of societies and cultures of Black peoples in the Americas and Africa. Extended families in Black societies. Change in African and African-American communities.

Selected Publications

(2011) Extended Families in Africa and the African Diaspora.Aborampah, O. , & Sudakasa, N. (Eds). Africa World Press.
Aborampah, O. (2005) Out of the Same Bowl: Religious Beliefs and Practices in the Akan Communities in Ghana and Jamaica.Bellegarde-Smith, P. (Ed). Fragments of Bone: Neo-African Religions in a New World, 124-142. University of Illinois Press.
Aborampah, O. , & Vann, A. (2000) The State of African-American Families in Milwaukee.Battle, S. F.(Ed). The State of Black Milwaukee, 39-56.