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Our goal is to maximize your company investment by finding the customized program that best meets the professional development needs of your employees. It would be our pleasure to assist you with the design, development and delivery of a customized training. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to schedule a no-obligation meeting.

Why Choose UWM School of Continuing Education

What To Expect

  • 1

    Needs Analysis

    Your training consultant will discuss the outcomes, goals and inital logistics and identify the instructor.

  • 2


    This includes leanring objectives, draft course agenda, instructor bio and investment cost.

  • 3

    Program Development

    A series of conference calls or meetings between your consultant and instructor to finalize needs and outcomes.

  • 4

    Deliver The Program

    We coordinate all the arrangements including locations, materials/books and supplies.

  • 5

    Follow Up

    We analyze the results of the course evaluations and send a summary report to you. This can be used to inform future training needs.

Customized Options

We can custom-tailor our continuing education programs to meet your company's specific needs.

How We Customize

  • Gear content to your industry
  • Incorporate your existing procedures, processes, forms, etc. to reinforce your current best practices
  • Allow employees to work on actual organization projects as part of the course
  • Make the course format and/or timing better fit employee work schedules

Customized Options

  • Creating industry-specific case studies and examples
  • Creating pre-work, post-work, or homework readings and exercises
  • Shortening or lengthening standard course times
  • Adding to key content; reducing or eliminating less applicable content
  • Use of video-taped role-play for practicing and accessing new behaviors

The instructor was well prepared and educated on U.S. Venture. The topics were very applicable to us and she used actual examples from our company.

John, U.S. Venture Customized Course: Financial Skills for Nonfinancial Managers

The instructor is extremely knowledgeable. Not only academically, but he had a lot of real-life experience that made the class much more relevant and interesting.

Shelly, ACT Customized Course: Power Systems A: Understanding Power Systems Design and Operation

The on-site location made for a comfortable learning environment, and the exercises really pushed us to think and work as a group.

Amanda, Continental Properties Inc. Customized Course: Essential Skills for Supervisors

I liked the new ideas and methods for training, and it helped me understand what I do well and not so well as a coach.

Scott, Baptista’s Bakery Customized Course: Implementing On the Job Training – The Total Package

The course moved at a good pace. The class stayed engaged throughout, and there was a good selection of relevant content for a variety of participants.

Jeff, Associated Bank Customized Course: Project Management Foundations
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  • Aurora
  • US Venture
  • CNH Industrial
  • Continental Properties
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  • Continental Properties

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How does the cost of a customized program compare to a public program?
Customized programs usually cost less because of efficiencies. Rather than your employees traveling to us, only the instructor travels to you, saving travel, lodging and meal expenses. In addition, you avoid lost productivity by reducing the time employees are out of the office.
Is the curriculum for a customized program different from its corresponding public program?
You can choose to use the exact curriculum as for the public program, in which case the customization applies only to the time and location. Or, you can modify the curriculum to suit your employees' skill level, the specific needs of your organization, and the unique aspects of your industry. The additional investment you make in customization returns the value of learning that is even more relevant and immediately applicable to your employees' daily work.
What types of courses do you offer in a customized format?
The topics for courses are very broad. Almost anything we offer as a public course is available as a customized program.
What's the process for developing a customized program?
  1. Understanding Your Needs.
  2. Your account manager will discuss your situation with you to fully understand your goals. He or she will identify which adjunct faculty members are the best fit. Depending on the amount of customization you desire, you may have one or more phone conversations or meetings with your account manager and the instructor.
  3. Proposal
  4. Once we've worked together to decide the program format, select the instructor and determine the amount of customization, a proposal is prepared for your approval.
  5. Develop the Program
  6. To begin, we simply need an endorsement on the proposal. You may choose to be involved in curriculum customization or not, depending on the situation. Regardless, we will ensure the curriculum satisfies your requirements as stated in the proposal.
  7. Deliver the Program
  8. A Customized Professional Development program can be delivered at your facility, at another location of your choice, or at UWM SCE's modern adult education and conference center in Milwaukee at no extra room charge.
  9. Follow Up
  10. Instructors supply participants with evaluations at the end of each program. The results are analyzed by the instructor and your account manager, and forwarded to you. In addition, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the service you received during your program's development. We will of course discuss any concerns, and will use the information to continually improve our service.
Can we hold our program at the UWM SCE facility?
Absolutely. Our modern adult education and conference center in downtown Milwaukee is available to our customized program clients at no extra room charge. We have excellent onsite catering for convenient meal and snack service. There are many hotels and restaurants nearby, and there is plenty to see and do in Milwaukee.
How do I get started?
Contact us at 414-227-3208, or Or complete our Request More Information Form.
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