Alumni Profile: Bianca Gaspardo

Bianca Gaspardo is a recent UWM Communication alumna from Brookfield, Wisconsin. Bianca felt comfortable in the department; “I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with professors that are so down to earth and wholehearted. Their passion for specific areas of communication provided so much more for the class. I truly think my experience without them, would have been detrimental to my success as a student.”… Continue Reading »

Student Profile: Michelle Latona

Michelle Latona comes from Mukwonago, WI. In addition to majoring in Communication, she is also majoring in JAMS with an Advertising concentration. Due to double majoring, Michelle is taking 18 credits per semester, on top of working two jobs. Something so special about Michelle, she is the first of her family to attend a 4-year university.… Continue Reading »

Student Profile: Carolina Svendsen

Carolina Svendsen was originally born in Chile, South America, and adopted as a baby. As far back as Carolina could remember, she has had an interest in studying art history, fashion design, and textiles. Studying communication would give her the unique opportunity to mesh her interest in fashion studies, with research and theory.… Continue Reading »

Professional Service/Awards – May 2016

Evelyn Ang, J.D., was recently promoted to Senior Lecturer. Leslie Harris, PhD, was elected Vice-President for the Organization for Research on Women and Communication (ORWAC). ORWAC promotes dialogue, discussion, research, and scholarship concerned with women, feminism, gender, oppression, and social … Continue Reading »