Tasha Berillo Inspires Us All

Women’s & Gender Studies student Tasha Berillo has chosen show her support and advocacy for black lives through art and educating individuals around her. Through making this piece, she reflected on a Hannah-Jones’s article that was read in her coursework.  She wanted to share this piece to illustrate how teachings in WGS 211 resonated with her outside of the classroom and during this time. This drawing marks her praxis of feminist research. Underneath the layers of charcoal, ink, and paint, lie news articles that surround the death of George Floyd. This painting demonstrates her form of feminist research in using this medium of art, juxtaposed with informative articles: one could say in fact that this drawing speaks for itself. However, it also leads the viewer to understand these articles from a specific perspective as illustrated by the drawing of Floyd over it.

We invite you all to appreciate Tasha’s artwork and message.


“We are protesting, donating, educating, learning, conversing, and creating; let the memory of George Floyd serve not merely as a moment, but as a movement that inspires a revolution that continuously progresses towards change and justice.”