L&S Focus: Alumna Meg MetCalf

This July’s issue of In Focus contains an article by Sarah Vickery featuring alumna Meg Metcalf, who has landed a dream job working for the Library of Congress as a reference librarian and the Library’s Women’s, Gender, and LGBTQ+ Studies Specialist and Recommending Officer.

Meg graduated from UWM in 2015 with a combined graduate degree in Women’s and Gender Studies/Library Science. In the article, Meg states, “I think Women’s Studies and Library Studies go together so well. I’ve always been a feminist …and Women’s Studies is interdisciplinary. You can do so much with it”

Meg’s responsibilities include assisting researchers, acquiring new materials for her section, and creating displays highlighting the pieces of the Library’s Collection which fit her area of expertise. Displays such as women’s music, or Rosie the Riveter and working women of WWII.

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