Krista Grensavitch, Outstanding Teaching Award 2020

Warm congratulations to Krista Grensavitch for receiving the UWM 2020 Academic Staff Outstanding Teaching Award!

Dr. Grensavitch completed her MA in Women’s and Gender Studies in 2014 and received her Ph.D. in History at UWM in 2019. Her Ph.D. thesis, titled “Thinking with Things: Reimagining the Object Lesson as a Feminist Pedagogical Device in the Humanities Classroom,” focuses on feminist teaching and learning practices. As such, her teaching and research are intimately integrated and influence each other. It is the combination of a few critical components that makes Krista an outstanding instructor and much worthy of recognition. In the classroom, Krista demonstrates passion and care towards her students’ learning and applies critical pedagogic approaches, which are substantiated by scholarship on teaching and learning. Krista practices critical feminist ideas of inclusion and access in the classroom and has developed and applied a range of innovative initiatives in her classes.

To mention one example, Krista has been able to document some creative learning and teaching moments through short videos together with Allain Daigle (with the support from Chipstone Foundation). Please check out  and As part of her larger teaching and learning goals, Krista understands these teaching and learning videos as a way to extend and share her feminist teaching practices. These examples demonstrate classroom effectiveness and innovation, but also major investments in curricular development thinking beyond the traditional classroom.

Krista has taught at UWM as a Lecturer for five years, contributing with much careful reflection, energy and passion to the curriculum of Women’s and Gender Studies, Comparative Ethnic Studies, and History. Through her innovative and inclusive teaching pedagogy and personal investment in her students, Krista is one of those instructors who make significant impact on her students’ education as well as their lives. As expressed by a student in one of the support letters: “I’ve heard it said that one teacher can make a lasting impact on a student’s life. Krista is a testament to this belief.”

We are fortunate to have Krista as part of our instructional staff and are thankful for her contributions every day!