A fond farewell to Maria Medina-Smith

After twenty years with Women’s and Gender Studies (previously the Center for Women’s Studies) at UWM, Maria Medina-Smith retired from her role as office manager and administrative assistant. Her last day in our front office was Wednesday, May 22. We will miss her warmth and her knowledge and skill, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors!

Maria shared the following on the UWM Women’s and Gender Studies Facebook page:

“Thank You to All of Women’s & Gender Studies and all the friends, colleagues, faculty, staff, and of course students of UW-Milwaukee that I’ve crossed paths with over the years…..

After 20 years with Women’s & Gender Studies at UWM I have said good-bye. I am thankful for the many experiences and so much personal growth but most especially the friendships that became so very special to me. I am starting a new chapter but I will never forget the pages that have been turned.

I thank everyone who came to the going away party last week and was so happy to see so many wonderful faces!

Feminism has always been a part of my life, part of my upbringing and being in Women’s & Gender Studies helped me solidify those ideas and explore more and gave me such an education about women’s issues, identity, culture and intersectionality that there aren’t enough words to express my gratitude. Those lessons, that exposure has enlightened me in so many ways that it is nearly impossible to thank everyone enough for their words of wisdom, support, and friendship! So in the most heartfelt way I say THANK YOU to Kathy, Gwynne, Andrea, Anna, Xin, Merry, Carolyn, Casey, and Krista and so many many more!
~ Maria”