Krista Grensavitch’s Wins New, Influential Position

Women’s & Gender Studies‘ award winning senior lecturer, Krista Grensavitch, has been offered and has accepted a grant funded position with the American Historical Association (AHA), a position which will impact the way students learn about history in the classroom for generations to come!

Fortunately, this is a part-time position so we will still have her on our team.

The primary responsibilities of this position will include the creation of an Object Library and two sets of Teaching Toolkits, one geared toward use in secondary schools and another for college classrooms. These resources will include a range of topics accessed through material culture, featuring object-based lessons across fields, time periods, and geographic spaces. Types of resources may include lesson plans, object analyses, videos, discussion questions, assignments, assessment guides, and activities. All materials will be accessed digitally through a new site built on Omeka. This is groundbreaking stuff!

The competition for this position was fierce, but we are not surprised that Krista was awarded the responsibility. Pedagogy is her passion, and we can’t wait to see what amazing things she does in her new role.

Congratulations, Krista!