Tehila Cohen



I was born and raised in the city of Jerusalem, Israel. Recently I moved with my family to Milwaukee.

In my professional background, I am a Community Program Manager with almost two decades of experience directing urban sustainability and environment-focused projects at the federal, district, and local government levels. Prior to my move to Milwaukee, I worked at the Jerusalem Municipality as a Head of the Social Sustainability Department and promoted my belief in inclusive and resilient cities and communities through various projects such as community gardens, community-street libraries, placemaking, green spaces cultivated by community and more. I have worked with diverse demographic groups in the geopolitically complex city of Jerusalem, including Ultraorthodox Jews, Israeli Jews, and Palestinians.

I hold a BA in Education Management and Leadership from Bar Ilan University in Israel, and I’m happy to be part of the Urban Studies program at UWM. Through the program, I hope is to add dimensions and broaden my understanding of cities in an academic way in addition to the knowledge I gained through my professional background. I would want to apply the skills and tools I’ll acquire in the program in my professional life in the future.