Archived Events for April through November 2009

April 4, 2009
14th Annual Urban Studies Programs Student Forum
Featured keynote speaker: Dr. Laura McEnaney is an associate professor at the Department of History at Whittier College, Whittier, California and the appointed Nadine Austin Wood Chair in American History. Her keynote address entitled World War II’s ‘Postwar’: A Social and Policy History of Peace, 1944-1953 is a study of Chicago after World War II. Location: Hefter Center, 3271 N Lake Dr, UW-Milwaukee

Timothy Beatley, the Teresa Heinz Professor of Sustainable Communities, in the Department of Urban and Environmental Planning, School of Architecture at the University of Virginia, will give a talk in room 170 of the School of Architecture & Urban Planning Building.

UWM CIE’s Sustaining Cities conference. Several USP faculty participated in the conference as well many non-UWM scholars.
Saskia Sassen, the sociologist who coined the term “global city,” will talk about “The World’s Third Spaces: Neither Global nor National,” when she delivers the annual Dean’s Distinguished Lecture in the Humanities at UWM’s Zelazo Center.

September 24, 2009
Urban Studies Fall Social
Hefter Conference Center, 3271 N Lake Dr
Keynote speaker, Dr. Louise Dyble, Associate Director for Research at the Keston Institute for Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy at USC, will speak about her research on the history and politics of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Dr. Dyble’s presentation begins at 5:00 pm. A reception immediately follows from 6 to 7:30 pm.

Structural Shadows: Golden Gate Bridge Suicide and the Institutions of Regionalism in Metropolitan America

Abstract: There is no clear accountability for frequent suicides at the Golden Gate Bridge, where more than a thousand people have ended their lives. Although the mounting death toll has a broad impact on the San Francisco Bay Area and its residents, responsibility for the problem falls through the cracks between the region’s decentralized and fragmented governments. This reflects the shortcomings of the institutional structures that developed over the course of the twentieth century along with the physical infrastructure of the modern city. Asking why there is no suicide barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge, Dyble will bring some of the lessons of Golden Gate Bridge history to bear on the challenge of effective governance and democracy in American metropolitan areas, today and in the future.

October 24, 2009
History of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area Conference
Hefter Conference Center, 3271 N Lake Dr, UW-Milwaukee
Keynote Speaker: Ann Durkin Keating, Professor, Department of History North Central College
Lecture: A Call to Regionalism: Integrating City and Suburbs into Urban History
Professor Sara McLafferty, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, will give the guest lecture as part of the UWM Department of Geography Fall 2009 Harold Mayer Lecture: Locating Diversity: Place, Immigration and Women’s Health Inequalities in U.S. Cities

November 12, 2009
Henry W. Maier State of Milwaukee Summit

3:30 to 6pm, Hefter Conference Center, 3271 N Lake Dr, UW-Milwaukee
Summit theme: Public Education in Milwaukee at a Crossroads

Panelists for this year’s Summit include:
• Dr. Daniel Grego, Executive Director of TransCenter for Youth;
• Dr. William Velez, Professor of Sociology and Urban Studies at UWM;
• Ms. Anneliese Dickman, J.D., Research Director of the Public Policy Forum, Inc.;
• Dr. Peter Blewett, Milwaukee Public School Board Vice President.
• Dean Thurman, UWM’s School of Education gives Introduction.