Bus Passes

COVID-19 Update: MCTS has suspended fare collection and all riders are to enter and exit the bus from the rear doors. Both the U-PASS and Commuter Value Pass will remain active in case MCTS resumes collecting fare before they expire.

Taking a bus to campus is another option to use as a mode of transportation. UW—Milwaukee has options avlaibale for certain groups such as students, faculty, and staff.

Student Bus Pass (UPASS)
In cooperation with the Milwaukee County Transit System(MCTS), UW—Milwaukee developed the UPASS transit program to serve both commuting students and students living on or near campus. There are 7 local bus routes and 3 express bus routes in Milwaukee County that take passengers directly to the University.

More information at UPASS page uwm.edu/transportation/upass/
Faculty and Staff Bus Pass (CVP)
UW–Milwaukee offers through the Transportation Services office a reduced fare, unlimited ride, bus pass for faculty and staff. This pass is commonly known as the Employee Bus Pass or also the Commuter Value Pass (CVP) and provides access to all Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) buses.

More information at CVP page uwm.edu/transportation/cvp/