What Does It Mean to Make A Report?

Reporting to the University can feel intimidating, but you can control how much you’d like the university to know. You have “made a report” as soon as you report to the Title IX Coordinator or a Deputy Coordinator that you believe you have experienced (or are aware of an incident involving) sexual harassment or sexual violence.

However, UWM may be limited in its ability to investigate or respond to the incident if we do not have sufficient information to follow up on your report.

A report to the University may be a good option for you if you are hoping to receive interim measures, a finding of responsibility, or University sanctions against the person you are alleging engaged in sexual harassment or sexual violence. A formal report may not be a good option for you if you are hoping to remain anonymous, or report confidentially. On-campus confidential resources include: UWM’s Victim/Survivor Advocate, (414) 229-4582, the Norris Health Center, (414) 229-4716, and University Counseling and Health Promotion, (414) 229-4716, and they can meet with you to discuss your options before you make a report.