Teams Tip: Post a Message to Multiple Channels

Have you ever wished you could share the same message to several of your working Teams at the same time? Now you can now share posts to multiple channels simultaneously in Teams! Follow the instructions below to master this helpful hack:

  1. Navigate to the Teams tab in Teams.
  2. In a channel, create a New Conversation and select Format.
  3. Choose the message type you prefer: New conversation or Announcement.
  4. Click the option to Post in multiple channels, then click the button to Select channels.
  5. Select which channels to cross-post to.
    1. Note: You can share wherever you’re a member.
  6. Click Update, and your selected channels appear in the post.
  7. Choose Everyone can reply to let anyone respond to your post or select You and moderators can reply to restrict responses to just you and the moderators.
  8. Type a message and select Send.
  9. Your posts appear in the selected channels.

Run into issues? Watch Microsoft’s tutorial.

If you have any questions about Teams please call the UWM Help Desk at 414-229-4040 or visit