Find essential Software resources for Students, Faculty and Staff on this page.

Software is integral to the success of all campus members at any university, but this need is only amplified at an R1 institution like UWM.

  • For Student software information, visit our Student software page.
  • For Faculty and Staff software information, visit our Faculty and Staff software page.
  • To review all of UWM’s subsidized or discounted software options, visit the UWM SoftwareShop.
  • If you need help with software, please contact the UWM Help Desk. Someone from the Software Asset Management team will be in touch within 1-2 business days.

Terms of Service

Software is licensed, cost shared and distributed exclusively by UITS Software Asset Management on behalf of UW–Milwaukee (UWM). IT staff and end-users may not redistribute or share University-licensed software.

All software purchased requires installation and continuous use of KeyAccess software on all University-owned computers. By purchasing software, the Department and end-user agree to this condition. Failure to install KeyAccess or removing KeyAccess is a violation of these terms of service.

Individuals may not share, duplicate or redistribute the software executables, serial numbers, activation codes or installation media, including to other UWM and UW System employees.

End-users and departmental representatives are responsible for adhering to the terms of service which ensure UWM’s legal compliance with software license agreements. Failure to comply with software licenses is a violation of U.S. Copyright Laws and the UWM Software Use Policy.

End-users are responsible for compliance with the publisher’s End User License Agreement, which specifies the terms for legal use of the license. End User License Agreements are made available via links to publisher sites from the on-line software store. End-users and/or departments will be accountable for all penalties that result from illegal use of UWM-managed software licenses.