Purchasing, Software

The UWM SoftwareShop is an online storefront utilized by UITS Software Asset Management (SAM) to provide enterprise licensed software or sell discounted software to UWM faculty, staff, and students for either University or personal home use. UWM Software Shop is located at techmallshop.uwm.edu/xcart/e-shop

Service Information

Service Access

Credentials Needed

An active ePantherID and password are required for access.

Access Granted

Faculty, staff, students, and UWM sponsored accounts are given access to this service when the hiring or enrollment process is complete and the ePantherID and password are activated.

Requesting Access

The process for requesting sponsored access is located at the  IAM Website at Requesting a Sponsored ePantherACCOUNT.

Employee Access Discontinuation

Access to this service is removed when an individual is no longer employed by, enrolled in classes, or holds a sponsored affiliation with UWM.

Service Availability

This service is available 24/7 except during planned maintenance and unscheduled outages.  For information about timeframes when services are unavailable, Getting Help.

Scheduled Maintenance Window

Information about scheduled or unplanned outages is posted at uwm.edu/gettechhelp.

Scheduled or Unplanned Outages

Information about unplanned outages is posted at  uwm.cherwellondemand.com/CherwellPortal/CampusTechnology.

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