Research Computing @ UWM

The UWM High Performance Computing (HPC) team provides access to powerful computational resources for UWM researchers across campus.

Within the last year, the Research Computing team connected 80 users across 30 unique groups to powerful computational resources. Additionally, more than 26 million core hours of calculations were supported last year, all of which were provided free to UWM researchers. UWM’s Research computing team strives to facilitate new and innovative research in all disciplines and has supported research in almost every field of study. It’s because of this goal that they want you to know about their services!

When you work with the Research Computing team, researchers collaborate with professional facilitators who tailor each experience to their client’s needs. Don’t have experience in the realm of research computing? Don’t worry! During the onboarding process, new users will learn the basics of command-line environments, as well as how to leverage the HPC for their individual research needs.

Interested in using these robust research resources yourself? Submit a request to the High Performance Computing Office to get started!