Research Computing at UWM

Research Computing focuses on the engineering, management, and support of high-performance computing (HPC) services at UWM.  

High Performance Computing 
HPC can go beyond the bounds of what a typical desktop computer can achieve. This is an essential service to our R1 University – allowing groundbreaking research to occur by gathering and analyzing data on an extremely high scale. Of the top 10 research grants received on campus in 2020, 7 of the recipients were using on-campus high performance resources. Our facilities are housed in an academic computing-focused data center on the first floor of the Kenwood Interdisciplinary Research Complex (KIRC). 

Powerful computational resources are available to UWM researchers and their student assistants. Research computing facilitators are available to aid researchers in getting started in effectively using UWM’s HPC service or other resources that may be more applicable to their research. In 2020, HPC resources ran over 600,000 computational jobs, by 147 accounts associated with 68 different research groups.  

If you have questions about UWM’s High Performance Computing (HPC) Service, please email or visit their website for more information.