Changes to Adobe Creative Cloud

You may need to re-install Adobe Creative Cloud software on your UWM computer due to an upcoming license change. Please read on to make sure you can continue to access your software!

What’s happening?

On February 29th, 2020, Adobe will be de-activating old licenses of its Creative Cloud software. All Adobe Creative Cloud users will need to access the software through one of two new options:

  1. Named User Licensing is available to UWM faculty and staff on any computer.
  2. Shared Device Licensing can be used on any UWM computer where students will need access to Creative Cloud products. This includes:
    • Computers in classrooms or computer labs.
    • All other UWM computers used by students, including graduate students, teaching assistants, research assistants, and student employees.

Due to this new, split licensing model, IT staff are not able to automatically update the licenses on UWM computers. For more information about the new Adobe Licensing model, see: Adobe Licensing Overview

What should you do?

Try starting one of your Adobe Creative Cloud applications. If you do not receive an error message, you already have an up-to-date license of Creative Cloud. You are all set!

If you receive a warning message that your license is going to expire, you need to install a new version of your Adobe Creative Cloud products. Use the steps below:

Faculty / Staff Computers:

  • Windows users: Use the Software Center to install the “Creative Cloud” application.
  • macOS users: Use Self Service to install the “Creative Cloud” application.

Shared / Student-Use Computers:

For UWM computers used by students, contact IT support to request access to the Shared Device License of Adobe Creative Cloud on one or more computers.